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When is the Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally?

The 21th Annual Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally is July 9-12, 2020. Registration for the rally opens in February 1st 2020.

Why register for the Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally?

When you register for the Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally, you get the official HCMR:

  • Wristband
  • Pin Lanyard
  • Year Pin
  • RidePin/Photo Scavenger Hunt (possibility of 10 FREE RidePins)
  • TourBook (with Course Maps)
  • HCMR Custom Motorcycle Show Entry Form
  • Hells Canyon Poker Run
  • Access to the Kickstart Party
  • Entry/Registration to the Flat Track Race
  • Live Entertainment
  • Free Official Rally T-shirt
  • Chance to Win a Vacation to Mexico
  • And much more!

PLUS! Your HCMR pin lanyard and wristband will get you access to the KickStart Party on Friday evening and all official HCMR events around Baker City – FREE shuttle bus rides included.

Your registration is all we get to promote HCMR, so your support is the key!

Register Today!

How will I receive my Rally Packet?

You will receive a receipt electronically upon online registration. That receipt will be exchanged for a rally packet at the event. 

What do we do when we get there?

Plan which courses you’ll ride and ride them! All courses are listed in the HCMR TourBook, including four Adventure Courses and five Scenic Byways. You’ll have the opportunity to earn RidePins on the photo scavenger hunt. The courses range in length from 112 to 262 miles and include the Canyon, Mountain, Valley, Copper Courses, and more. See your HCMR TourBook for complete course details.

In the evenings, there’s plenty to see and do in and around Baker City and lots of stuff will be going on during the Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally. Start by moseying around Main Street and checking out the Geiser Grand Hotel. You can visit the Saloon at the Geiser, head to the Main Event Sports Bar across the street or go two blocks north to Barley Brown’s Brew Pub where they brew Baker City’s finest beers and ales. The Corner Brick is also on Main Street, where the beer and spirits always flow freely.

You can always hang out on Main Street to people and bike watch. Keep an eye out for the Baker City Elks Drum & Bugle Corp – these guys really rock Baker City. Don’t forget to hop on one of the shuttle buses (included in your registration). These buses will take you to all of the action Friday and Saturday night. Other options include riding to Haines and eating at the Haines Steak House or hanging out at the Frontier Tavern.

Refer to your TourBook for a full schedule of HCMR events and activities, or Click Here.

What is the photo scavenger hunt and how do I participate?

The RidePins, as shown on the back cover of your TourBook, are FREE with your registration. All you have to do is ride to the designated spot, snap a pic and claim your pin at the RideCenter – no questions asked. Each of these RidePins identify significant ride points and routes. These pins are NOT for sale. Riders must earn them by riding to a selected spot on the route and taking a photo to prove they’ve been there. Show us the photo and the pin is yours.

The photo scavenger hunt has been super popular and will continue to be a fun part of the rally with new pins added each year. Be sure to collect them all!

Keep in mind that your registration includes the Year Pin and lanyard so you can display ALL the Year and RidePins. The five Oregon Scenic Byway pins can be purchased for $5 each or all five for $20.

Where do I stay?

Anywhere you want. Hotels, motels, and B&B’s are usually booked early. Use Google or Base Camp Baker to search for lodging in Baker City, Oregon and you’ll see all the available options. If they have a waitlist – get on it! If that doesn’t work, you can always camp at Baker High School with your Rider + Camping registration.

Additional lodging is available in the outlying areas of Sumpter, North Powder, and hundreds of rooms are only minutes away in La Grande. Above all, DON’T PANIC. In past years, as the rally approached, many Baker City residents opened their homes to bikers. There were many positive comments from homeowners and bikers alike. And, if you watch our forums, you’ll likely find postings for accommodations.

Hotels & Lodging

Dry Camping

Dry Camping is available at Baker City High School. Contact Kristen at +18016801303 or via [email protected] with questions.

Are we all riding in one group?

No. The Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally is a self-guided tour. This means that if you have any problem – it’s your fault! It’s never a good idea to rely on the rider in front of you for your intelligence! Know the route ahead of time and stop by the HCMR Booth on Main Street for FREE maps of all the HCMR courses.

Make sure to ride with riders of roughly the same ability as yourself. We would like you to go out in groups of not more than 12 or so. This will tend to naturally happen anyway as soon as the riders leave town and begin picking different points of interest. The rally is not a race, so when you see others leaving, give them a few minutes before you take off.

What happens if I break down?

The riders and residents of Northeast Oregon have been very gracious in the past. We have many stories of bikers who broke down and were helped by the riders and locals. However, before you even think of going to a rally of any type, a comprehensive safety check for your bike should be your first priority. Avoid breakdowns with routine maintenance and safety checks and make sure your bike is ready BEFORE you go.

Most importantly, make sure that your tires are in good shape and CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE! Low tire pressure is the number one reason for tire failure.

AMA, AAA, Honda Riders Club, Progressive, GEICO, and many other insurers and manufactures provide roadside assistance and towing. Check to see if your provider has a roadside assistance program before you leave.

In cooperation with High Desert Harley-Davidson, B&B Repair of La Grande will be providing service, repairs and tire changes. Many of the shops that are sponsoring rides over to Baker City are giving FREE safety checks. More info available in our forums.

What’s the deal with camping at Baker High School?

The hotels and motels in the area typically fill up early. Dry Camping is a great alternative and is available for you at Baker City High School.

Camping Details:

  • Camping at the high school is $35 per person for all four nights.
  • Cost of camping is included if you register as Rider + Camping.
  • The school has three football fields of space for camping and you can park your bike next to your tent.
  • Alcohol is not permitted on school grounds.
  • Our shuttle bus stops at the high school.
  • Showers are included, towels are not.
  • Lockers are available for an additional charge.
  • Net proceeds go to benefit sports programs at the school.

Contact Kristen at +18016801303 or via [email protected] with questions.

I want to be a vendor at the Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally. Where do I sign up?

If your company or organization would like to be a vendor at HCMR, visit our Vendor Information page for additional info and to download the appropriate forms. If you have additional questions, please contact us at [email protected] or 208.338.5599.

What if my bike gets dirty?

Baker City Cheer Team will be washing bikes on Friday and Saturday. All proceeds will go to the Cheer Team. 

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