Love Letters

These bikers can’t get enough of the Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally – and who can blame them? As we like to say, if you don’t have fun at the Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally – GIVE UP!

We would like to thank you and all who helped with the rally we had a great time. Evan with the tire problems and I had the people at the Polaris dealer, they were great, we will be back next year. A little background, we made all the stops. Roger Becker is 75 years old and rides a 2006 Harley Electra Glide Standard. I am just a kid at 69 and ride a 2011 BMW R1200 GSA. I have enclosed several pictures of us at Hat Point and others.

– Owen Squires

The Hells Canyon Rally was fantastic this year being our first time and we will be planning on doing it next year. It was so great riding around and seeing the beautiful countryside, only wished we could have spent more days riding. We even took a side ride to Wallowa Lake at Joseph, Oregon, but did not get there in time to ride the Tram, so we are planning that for next year. We will see you next year and we are planning on inviting more family and friends to join us.

– Fred & Barb Felde

OK, rooms are booked in Baker City this time, so we are waiting for the rally reg. to open in Jan. This will be our second rally and we already know the fun level will be off the chart. This is the most fun we have ever had on a rally, as it offers not only the most area rides but the most beautiful places to ride you could ever ask for. Wife and I are ready, the bikes will be ready and so I will start planning our routes to and from. See you all there!

– ‎Stan Austin, Sr.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the JW Everitt event on Sunday evening and that capped off my 58th birthday. What an incredibly wonderful weekend. Great rides everyday and a great street scene each night – I still am hyped two days after the event.

– Tim

I wanted to say thank you for an amazing rally. This was my first rally and I’ve been looking forward to it since last year. Yes, it rained Friday afternoon BUT it was record breaking rain! Consider that a memory that won’t be forgotten. My wife and I enjoyed the selected routes and the goal of taking photos at the assigned places to get a pin. This was also our first time stopping in Baker City and not just driving by on 84. The people are great and were very helpful. One guy working your information booth Friday, around 2:45, gave us great advice on rides and showed us on the map. Even gave us some advice on a “plan b” should it rain on Saturday, that was appreciated immensely. We also asked where some good places to eat were, he gave us three places that locals like himself go to eat. He was spot on as those meals were fantastic. Thank you again for putting on a good rally and please let us know we’ve succeeded in raising enough money to replace Turbo.

Thanks so much for the best rally ever !!

– Don Biscaro, Kamloops BC Canada

I was only 13. Johnny Murphy was giving girls rides on the back of his dirt bike. For a dollar you could get a 10-minute ride through the trail behind the shopping center. I stood in line and when it was my turn I said, “I’ll pay you two dollars but I get to drive.” I found my first boyfriend that day but truly gained the lifelong love for riding motorcycles. (Thanks, Johnny wherever you are.) Now, on my 6th motorcycle and 60,000 plus miles later, I am planning for one of my favorite destinations of the year: “Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally.” This will be my 3rd trip to the Rally dreamed up by the infamous Steve Folkestad and I can’t wait to ride the Devil’s Tail again!
I love the people of Baker City and the people who come to the rally. I find the different routes challenging and they feed that free spirit inside that wakes saying “it’s time to make some miles!” The conversations with other riders are easy whether I’m at the Geiser Grand Hotel or standing under a tree waiting out a rain shower. I’ve gone to the rally by myself and with others and each time I found friends and cohorts who were there to ride. The real riders. We talk about the curves that pull you in like a bear hug and the farmers who stand on their driveways waving while their cows line the fence wondering how we gained our freedom as we ride by. The conditions vary from year to year, the scenery is soul stirring and the fun is what you make for yourself. You have to have it inside you and here, at this rally, it comes out with the ride! I look forward to meeting those of you willing to take on the adventure.

– Pam C.

Sitting back at work thinking about the great roads and time it was. My buddy Dave and I headed up from Long Beach, CA and had superb rides all the way. Oregon has some of the finest roads around and we were amazed that despite the weather Oregon roads were in great shape. Baker High School grass was pretty soft to sleep on and despite some of the winds, the weather couldn’t of been better. 2700 miles in 5.5 days. There was a guy taking photos on the Devils Tail, was he a vendor? I was wanting to view some of the photos if he is selling them. Please let me know and thanks again for a great Rally.

– Stu and Dave

PS. The Vendor Link

Our small group from British Columbia, Canada had a fantastic time at the Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally in 2015; the first time for each of us. Despite the range of weather we experienced along the way (112F heat and incredible sunshine, wind with tumbleweed, torrential rain, sleet, thunder, and lightning) we all had a very memorable adventure. Spectacular scenery and beautiful roads, friendly people in each town and amazing food! Baker City and its people were welcoming and hospitable to the point that we are coming back again this year, 2016! We can hardly wait to ride the roads we didn’t get to ride last year and experience the event all over again! Thanks to all who make this event possible!

– Howard & June Olson & Friends

1257 miles for us. Whatta blast, and STILL after three years of going, rode some MORE roads we haven’t been on yet. That was after doing two rides while there this year, that we had never done before. Wow, always more reasons to come back!

– Debra

HCMR, one of the best rides we have ever been on, Oregon Rocks with Beauty. Sweet Baker City, Oregon, No question we will be back next year…

– Jim

This was my 4th or 5th Hells Canyon Rally the community rolls out the red carpet for all of us and we have a blast! The roads in and around that area our the best I’ve ever ridden!

– DeeDe